My Idea For A New TV Show

Ok I had thought of this as a series of movies but I guess a good tv series with a suitable budget will also be appropriate. Initially that movie franchise would have been around 10 movies long, crossing generations but I guess it will be better served as a tv series.

Let’s take this into the future, far far into the future. Mankind, having almost completely depleted the earth’s resources and with the ozone layer issues, has chosen to venture out into deep space and settle on a few suitable planets in a nearby galaxy. However once they reached there a deep divide happens. Humanity is spread across 6 planets; 3 in one solar system and 3 in another a little further ahead. Religion has taken on a single form – a combination of Christianity & Islam and all believers of this religion have decides to settle on 3 planets in one solar system. This was not done easily as sometime the children of the Believers might not be believers but were forcefully taken and secluded in the 3 planets for the Religious minded humans. And on the other hand we have the Atheists, Non-Believers who have chosen Arts, Literature, Science and bettering oneself by learning & exploring and settled on 3 planets. And while the believers & non-believers share all the technological & scientific advances & inventions, they do not mix.

For a long time this coexistence continues and the tentative arrangement of live & let life is never tested and peace reigns for centuries. However 1200 years after the settlement things start to go wrong. The religious leaders of the believers have instilled in the minds of the Believers that the humans on the other 3 planets are heretic & living in sin as they haven’t accepted their religion, god or their way of life. A decision is made to start attacking the various settlements of the Non-Believers on smaller moons. In retaliation of the attacks the Non-Believers first try to contact and then fight back. This great human war, on a galactic scale will be the premise of the tv series. Also the main villains will be the religious leaders themselves and some antagonistic Believers who have a secret agenda other than conquering the planets of the Non-Believers. There will be sympathetic characters among the Believers as well who are just following orders in fear of angering their god.

A huge science fiction, spaceships & techny stuff that will blow Star Trek, Star Wars and all the rest out of the water!!!

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