My Idea Of A Perfect Sunday

The perfect Sunday, that elusive extra-relaxant that recharges your body & soul and let’s you recover from the past 6 days of work, play, party or whatever it was that you were doing. So here’s my kinda Sunday:

  • No phone calls at all
  • No one home
  • Wake up late, no soon than 8am
  • Watch some videos that I downloaded the previous night via torrent
  • Get some hot coffee and drink it as I check my emails and surf the net
  • have a leisurely breakfast of whatever I feel like
  • put on some music and relax the morning away with some more coffee or juice if I have any
  • nice lunch with either some chicken or fish with rice
  • nice long nap or watch a movie or two
  • evening – more tunes and maybe a football match on the tv
  • pizza for dinner, chased down with some coke or 7up
  • watch another movie and then sleep

Is that too much to ask for?

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