My Idea of Perfect Weather

Perfect weather. Hmmm it means a lot of things to a lot of people. I live in one of the hottest places on earth, I think! Humidity factor is like a big deal over here. So although a lot of people, in a lot of places and even in my city, may not like it, I love rain! Not namby pamby rain, I love lots of rain with a very cool wind blowing in at the same time. I hate thunder & lightning and the power going out, so none of that level of rain. Or that level of rain without thunder & lightning and the power going out!

With the sun usually so hot and the evenings being hot, sweaty & muggy, You sweat so much that the sheets stick to your legs & thighs. During those nights I often wonder how Malayalees have sex on these nights! I mean, it would be a sweaty, sticky, pasty affair. A good rain will cool everything down. If it wasn’t for the rains we couldn’t get through the year. I always look forward to the monsoon season and enjoy sleeping in the rains. Afternoons and nights too. The breeze blowing in through the wind and onto my hair & face.

That’s perfection for me. Clouds in the sky and rain falling down to cool the hottest place on earth.

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One thought on “My Idea of Perfect Weather

  1. I wish we could swap weather sometimes.. Although we’ve had nice weather recently, about 20c and sunny!

    Sometimes it rains here for days on end and we don’t see the sun it’s so grey and miserable, now that’s very depressing..

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