My Lucky Charms

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download death toll online I think my rings qualify as my good luck charm. They aren’t fancy but rather cheap. I have three rings – the ring on my right hand is one of two that I bought from an aged Muslim ring seller on the beach in Calicut back in 2003. I felt bad for the poor bugger who had to sell them in the hot sun and each were just Rs.10, so I bought two. The other one broke when I jammed it while closing a desk drawer.

The other two were bought by me in 2005, from a roadside vendor outside the Penta Menaka shopping plaza. I needed some companions to the lone ring that I had and so I bought two more for Rs.20 each. One is a thumb ring and the other I wear on the middle finger – both on my left hand.

Nothing fancy, no special value, cheap as dirt but hey – they mean something to me.

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