My Most Treasured Possession

My laptop is my most treasured possession. Why is it important to me? It’s the window to my universe.

It’s what I browse the internet with and on what I type, send, receive & read emails on. It’s the tool I use to connect to Social Networking Sites like Facebook & Twitter. It’s what I use to entertain me and has replaced tv for me as I watch Youtube videos throughout the day on it. It’s on what I blog and write out my thoughts, the things that happen in my life and review movies, tv series & my fav music. It’s where my secrets are stored. It’s where my images are collected from all over the internet are stored. It’s also where my simple collection of digital photos are stored.

I rarely watch anything on the large screen tv anymore as all my dvds are played on my laptop. It’s also where I play the movies & tv series that I have downloaded. I spend hours & hours on my laptop. My soul’s oxygen – rock n’roll, heavy metal & hard rock is saved here! It’s where I write my fictional stories. It’s where I have created and saved a whole different universe filled with wonder & adventure & excitement which I hope I will be able to share with the world someday.

One thought on “My Most Treasured Possession

  1. My laptop is really old now but I feel the same way about my iMac. It really is my window to the world. I couldn’t get by without it!

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