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So let me tell you a bit about my neighbours. I live on the top floor of a 7 story apartment building and there are a total of 14 apartments in all, 2 to each floor. It’s a small building and although each is a 3 bedroom apartment, the 3 bedroom is kinda like a really small 2 bedroom apartment instead. Which means that space is a premium. So you get a picture of how narrow the building must be? OK.

There’s a lawyer & his family on the 1st floor. This guy rarely sleeps atleast due to the fact that he always seems to be working at all times of the night. Back in 2007 I used to do a lot of late evening shifts and whenever I come back around 2pm, this guy is still working. There’s a guy who works in some business or the other, who I talk to once in a while. I’ve met his wife and small kid but don’t know much about them. Mostly chats while riding the elevator or passing each other on the stairs. The young kid, about 3 years old, used to be afraid of me at first but now he seems to have warmed up to me and even gave me a couple of hi-5s last month! But he was fast friends with my dad.

There’s 3 brothers who have taken up 3 apartments in this building and live with their families. The son of the eldest also has an apartment of his own in which he lives with his wife & little daughter. The second eldest brother also owns the apartment opposite ours, which is given on rent. They are Muslims from the Northern parts of India (not sure where) and have been here for many, many years. However none of the women seem to work or speak Malayalam. They always lots of guests over and many families visiting from other parts of India. Some of these relatives of theirs are noisy and a bit obnoxious. But these guys are very hospitable, especially during Ramazan. They always send snacks like samoosas, cutlets, pudding and payasam to their neighbours.

There are other families in this building and some have left over the 4 years that my parents & I have made this apartment our home. I’m not close to anyone but keep a reserved politeness and chat for a bit when they talk to me. I’m a gentleman to the women folk, hold the elevator door open, ask them which floor and stuff like that. However I might not even notice if people move away and new people come as I don’t keep a personal touch with anyone.

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