My New Watch

Here is my new wrist watch. It’s a Timex. First you must know is that I don’t own another watch and haven’t worn one from 2005 onwards, maybe from the month of May. That’s because I used to wear a watch but developed an allergy to the leather strap I was wearing. My wrist would get itchy and I’d get dark patches all over my skin in that area. So I changed to a metal strap – still I was facing the same problem. I started using an ointment for my skin and was told to not wear a watch for 2 weeks. I did so, the ointment worked but I just never got back to wearing a watch again.

This last year I’ve been eyeing several models of watches and been thinking of getting one sometime. I always put it off. I wanted to get one. Well I was gifted one today. By our US based Indian client for one of the processes we are launching in our office. He just gifted me a new watch. I was stunned and said that it wasn’t right to accept it, thank you but I shouldn’t. He refused to listen to me and insisted that I keep it. And so I have a new watch.

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