My Own Company

Do you enjoy your own company? Why or why not?

Yes ofcourse. I think we should all enjoy our own company because if you can’t enjoy being with you, how can you expect others to? I think I kind of prefer my own company these days and I am kind of a loner. This came, not by choice, but overall through the events and experiences that I have had combined with the fact that a lot of people are assholes at times.

So I don’t mind going out by myself, going for a movie or some lunch or dinner. I can go and sit in a bar by myself and drink for a few hours and go online on my phone and read stuff. Or chill to the music in the bar. I would love to do that at home too if I afford to get air-conditioning throughout the apartment. I’d keep ice for my vodka and Sprite or cold beer and order in some of my favourite food and watch football or a movie.

I like going to movies by myself, sitting in the more comfy recliners and munching on popcorn and drinking cola and immersing myself in the movie. I don’t mind my company and even enjoy it a lot.

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