My Own Prison

Hi, my name is Roshan, 33, and I live with my parents in an apartment.

More and more I am begining to think that I will never get out of this prison that I am in. My life is heading out to work and comin back home exhausted and going into my room. Money problems. Even though I’ve got a decent hike (not as much as I should have been getting) it seems that the moment I save money, some need will be coming out. That Blackberry Curve I was saving up for is getting further and further away.

Will I ever get out? I can’t live my life this way. All I have is my computer, music and the internet. I want my own place, not too big, a 2 bedroom place so I can use one room to store books & keep a mini office, a hall big enough for a couch, some chairs and a nice tv with cable, a shelf for keeping knick-knacks. A queen-sized comfy bed.

I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

5 thoughts on “My Own Prison

  1. it’s not too much to ask. And now that you put it out to the Universe, things will work themselves out. You may not be in an ideal situation, but always count your blessings as you have a roof over your head and food on the table. Oh, and internet! tres important :)

    It’ll unfold for you, just wait and see :)

  2. Is it possible for you to move out?? I mean, it doesn’t have to be only when you get married, right? I know how you feel though…I wanted to move out at 18 as much as I love my parents and sis…just gets too much after a point. I’ve been fortunate though to be able to get a place of my own. But as Phaedra said…be thankful for a roof over your head! :) I have had to remind myself that when I’ve had crappy flatmates…

  3. It doesn’t but I have to ensure that financially things are ok for me and my folks. Otherwise I’m all ready to go.

  4. Thanks Phaedra. I needed some positive vibes after the weekend that I’ve had. I am grateful for what I do also have but I know that there’s much more out there.

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