My Own Spaceship

I finally yielded and bought one. I’ve searched for something like this ever since I saw this photo way back towards the end of 2006. I was googling for pictures of Star Trek cast, scenes and then started a search in Google for the ships. That’s when I saw this exact photo and came to know that they made such models for fans of the show to buy. What is it?

Well for those of you who do not know, it’s a model of the USS Enterprise – NCC – 1701- E from Star Trek. This ship is the one that was built for the crew that was lead by Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the rest of the TNG era crew (Riker, Data, LaForge, Worf, Dr. Crusher & Troi) after the Enterprise – D ship was destroyed in the events of the movie Star Trek VII: Generations. The TNG crew called this ship home during the events that would unfold in the movies Star Trek VIII: First Contact, Star Trek IX: Resurrection & Star Trek X: Nemesis. It’s the ship that the Borg boarded and almost took over when they converted parts of it to Borg aspects but which Picard refused to yield. Infact he was downright obsessive over it for a while, showing signs of unrealistic stubbornness. Damn straight as she is the most advanced ship in Starfleet! And it is also the ship which went head to head with the Romulan warship & predator like Scimitar, literally head to head in a crash that almost destroyed both ships!

My very own Enterprise, the most famous of all spaceship, fictional though it may be. This particular model is the AMT 1/2500 Cadet Series Star Trek Enterprise E AMT663, which I was able to purchase via eBay. They had sent me a discount coupon for purchases from the Global Easy Buy option, which I used to get this for a good discount. I will get it within 2 weeks I guess. According to the information that I have, this cause this one is made to same accuracy that you have seen in the movies to the very last escape pod hatch and the rest because of the authentic star trek sound effects. Just push the bridge and you get to hear sound effects with the voice of Patrick Stewart and  the light-up engines, bridge, and deflector dish all authentic to the last voice. About 18″ in length the Star Trek Enterprise model has a stand height of 5.5″ and comes with 2 batteries.

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