My Pet Crow

Many people have a pet or more than one. People have cats or dogs or hamsters, love birds, parrots, macaws, snakes, spiders, etc etc. I have a crow!

A crow that comes to my balcony almost every day. Atleast it seems like it is the same crow cause once in a while it’s a different crow. One of them has a spiky hairdo…or his feathers on his head is ruffled to look more like a spike hairdo! And he looks like he could be a mean bugger.

The one that usually comes sits patiently in the morning waiting for his bit of food that we put out for him. Usually a piece of dosa, crispy is what he likes it to be. Or some left over chapathi. Some days if he has been waiting for a long time he starts to caw loudly and won’t stop until one of us puts the food on the balcony so he can take it. He won’t let us come to close though as he flies away. Still does not trust the hand that feeds ya, huh?

Somedays he doesn’t come by. I wait. Other days he is there earlier than usual. Some days he comes by in the afternoon and demands food. We give it. And wait for him to come back again.

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