My Preferred Writing Medium

For quite a few years now, I barely use pen & paper unless it is for attending a training of some kind. As a rule, I always carry a pen with me at all time when I go out. For work, I carry two pens, one black & one blue, and a diary. You will find an assortment of pens and atleast 3 notepads and 2 diaries in various stages of being used inside the drawers of my desk at work. Every Jan 1st I get a brand new diary for that calendar year for taking down notes and stuff. I scribble ideas, points for later reference, important information and sometimes even hastily read out numbers and phone numbers too.

As a rule, pens are the most unsafest things in our office and I suppose in the last offices that I have worked at as well. I must have lost atleast 50 to 70 each year that I have been in this office – 2007 till date. For a while I only bought he cheapest brands of ball pens in order to keep the cost to a minimum but someone still ends up stealing them. Or borrowing them and not returning/forgetting to return them. Most of the time even I forget who borrowed my pen and thus end up at the end of the day pen-less.

But I use pens & paper quite less and less as each year passes by. Atleast I and my team take a lot of printouts at work and hence use up a few bundles of A4 paper every month. But the art of writing in a book or paper is dwindling for me as I prefer using the computer. From the age of 15 till 23 I used to maintain a journal and write a few sentences each day (the original form of this blog). I find that my hand starts to tire or cramp up after writing for a bit. And I usually end up losing the paper/book and then have to start all over again. This is not so when using the lappy and hence the preference.

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