My Pretty Former Colleague

Strange that I should another friend and former colleague from my years in Idea. I had posted about Alfred a buddy of mine from my days working for the cell phone service provider and today while waiting for the rest of my colleagues before we had to start the review with our clients, I met another former colleague.

I’m not going to mention her name. She means a lot to me and she’s a good colleague to have. She was the first person who I sat along with at the call center in Idea and who showed me the billing software and helped me understand the various tariffs and other details of the process. For this I will always have a special fondness for her. For being an awesome, fun loving and mischievous friend, she will always have a special place in my heart.

But I was quite shocked to see that she has lost a lot of weight! And she wasn’t plump or chubby to begin with. She was always slim and although she had some issues about being on the darker side, she was quite pretty and lots of people found her quite attractive. But I used to keep hearing things about her family life and her husband’s drinking and I can’t help thinking if it has resurfaced. If that is the reason why she was looking so gaunt, it’s really sad.

I hope that it’s not the case. I wish her well and I hope to see her happy in life, raising her two kids and doing well in her job. My thoughts are with you.

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