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Just a thought: Rock music, hard rock, rock n’roll is the best music & art form in the entire world. Bar none. No contest at all.

If you disagree or have a doubt just think of this – when someone does an awesome job at something, anything – work, sports, arts, anything – everyone says “you are rocking” or “your rocked” or “that was rocking” or even “you are a rockstar”!
No one appreciates the person by saying “you were a bharatnatyam dancer man” or “that was so kathakali man” or “that was so rap/hip hop/rnb” or “you were such a Malayalam semi-classical dude”!


To the asshole who smoked a cigarette in the loo of a non-smoking bar – I hope u get inflammation of the gonads!


Have u seen some buggers choose their drinks and brands in a bar? If only they spent the same amount of time in choosing their brides!


Dear Cochin private bus conductors,
The people who sit in the aisle seat just before the door – they chose to sit there so they can rest while riding the bus. Just like me – my shoulder isn’t a resting place for your elbow or your hip or your ass. If you want a place to rest your hip or ass against, I could suggest one – on your FUCKING mother!!!
Warm regards

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