My Room In My Old House

What is your favorite room in your house?

This post I decided to talk about my old family house in Thrikkakara which we sold back in 2006. My dad & mom bought the plot back in the early 1980s and finished building it in 1985. We moved there permanently back in 1987 (when we moved from Kuwait to India) and I remember being excited about finally getting my own room! Having lived all my life till the age of 11 in a small flat with 2 rooms and a single bathroom and well, the room I shared with my older sister had bunk bed and also had our dining table/study table and not enough room for much else, getting own room + bathroom attached was a huge deal!

However it would a couple of years before I actually got to use the room for myself. Initially, I had to share my sister’s room, which was much bigger, as my parents kept a lot of things in my room and the common room (the only non-bathroom attached) in the top floor. This bummed me out a lot and I constantly fought with my sis over music playing rights and sleep time until I was 13 and the boxes in my room were cleared away and I could use the bunk bed in my own room. Ah, home sweet home! I immediately made it my own in the just the way I liked it. First things, first I got a desk and shelves moved into the room.

Then I decorated it with posters. I was heavily into hard rock & heavy metal so up went posters of my fav bands and musicians. Also football and tennis players posters from the couple of sports magazines that I subscribed to every week. I was very precise about the way I wanted it done. I even measure the height and length before I got it done. It lasted till I was 19 because my sister was getting married and my dad and mom wanted to paint the entire house so off came the posters. After that I barely hung up any, just a few rock band posters but I got an old kitchen cupboard from my mom, got the carpenters to add extra shelves for my storing my cassettes and later on cds in.

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