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When I got my first computer back in December of 1996, I had a 640 MB hard disk. Yes that’s 640 MB and not GB!

How pre-historic – that’s how much free space I now have in my current PC’s C drive! Well 662 MB actually. I have an 80 GB internal hard disk and I have 28 GB free space of that. Now 80 GB may be laughable for a lot of you in West but it’s an ok deal for me.

The major space takers are about 14 GB worth of movies & clips and about 5 GB of music videos & live performances videos of my favourite rock bands & solo artists.

I also have a 120 GB external hard drive on which I have my MP3s – currently 24.3 download kelly s heroes movie but I will be adding another 4.22 GB more over the weekend which will make it 28.25 GB!

I also have 26.6 GB worth of videos (21 Star Trek Voyager episodes, 13 Farscape episodes, 5 Star Trek DS9 and a couple of movies, all downloaded from the net) in the external.  Which means that I have about half of that remaining free.

In a couple of months or so I will be looking to upgrade and get a new & bigger (looking for 250 GB & above) external hard drive. The 500 GB mega muthafucker is the dream! Got any suggestions?

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