My Team Rocked November

The results will officially be out in a couple of days but our scorecard is done…..and we rocked! My team & I have done very well in November. When I took over as the training team lead, I wasn’t sure how well I would do and had the fear that I would lead the team to the bottom. The month before I took over the score was 91% which was the highest ever the center has ever had. Luckily for me, my first month the team scored 90%, even as I was just feeling my way through.

The next month we did one better and scored 92%. I felt wonderful. Not only that, I thought I had this down pat. I thought I had it figured out as to how to get good scores on our performance and began to plan accordingly. But in September we were driven a blow to our plans and as things weren’t in our control, we scored only 90%. I was bummed. But we bounced back and I planned like hell and ensured that everyone was on board till the very end and we scored 95% in October. The 2nd & 3rd highest scores of the training department were both with me at the helm! Yeehah!

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So now the onus was to do even better and rock hard. I also noticed that the pressure was on us to perform higher but there was no talk of proper pay. I still was waiting my promotion hike. As much as that annoys me, I planned for the month. Everything didn’t go as per plan and there were hurdles along the way but I was prepared and my team came thru. And we aced it. 97%! Which means that we could be either top or join top all India! That is great man. I am pleased. A little tired as November was a tough month for me due to my illness. But I’ll be high as a kite when they officially announce all the other states scores!

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