My Top 5 Websites

I’m gonna skip blogs from this list because there are way too many blogs that I love reading and I also think that every who goes online should have their own blog or one shared with either family or a friend. So here are five websites which I just cannot live without:

1. Wikipedia – my source for everything & everything in the universe. To reading plots of movies, to finding out what my favourite musicians, actors & sports teams are upto. Tracking people, learning new stuff and reconnecting with old stuff. It’s just the greatest.

2. – It’s where I get my sports gossip, scores & news. They als have sections for music, television & movies and I just love going through their links.

3. Memory Alpha – it’s a Star Trek wiki, a great source for the greatest tv/movie franchise in history. I’m a Trekkie and its very close to my heart. I’m always on it, checking our my fav stories and details of every Trek franchise movie & tv series. Books too!

4. National Geographic – It’s the best site out there for a great organization. Check out insightful articles and great photos.

5. Youtube – it’s replace tv for me. I love it and spend hours on it.

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