My Ultimate music festival

Barenaked Ladies
For the harmonies & the melodies

Pearl Jam
For the love of grunge & the best rock band that ever lived

Joe Satriani
For the greatest guitarist ever

Carlos Santana
For the Latin Romeo in us all

Sarah McLachlan
For the most beautiful vocals ever

Jann Arden
For the voice that can make me cry

Iron Maiden
For the greatest gift that the UK has bestowed upon the world other than the English Premier League

Terri Clark
For the love of Cowgirl songs

Neil Young
For keeping on rocking in the free world

For the thinking man’s band that rocks for all ages

Jesse Cook
For the coolness that is Rumba Flamenco

Isabel Boulay
For me to fall in love with while she is on stage

For the riff rock gods

Our Lady Peace
For the eclectic to the somber songs

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