My Very First Computer

I bought my first computer at home at the age of 20, which was back in 1996. It was a Pentium 100 from HCL with a 640 MB capacity hard disk. Yes, you read that right, it was 640 MB and not GB. Remember that this was December 1996. I was actually wowed by the size of the hard drive! Little did I know. Well it was the usually looks and a 15 inch monitor, Samsung if I remember correctly. It came along with a few games on CD-ROM and a joystick (does anyone still use them?)

My cousin, sister and I set up the system ourselves, as we got the system delivered to us by courier but the tech guys from HCL couldn’t make it to my house that evening. To our surprise the computer switched on and Windows 95 came on. Remember Win 95? We installed a couple of the games onto the pc and my cousin and I spent the next few nights playing each other on a Cricket game. We also played the other game, which was a alien planet shoot out stuff.

Over the years, I managed to get very few things copied onto the drive due to its micro capacity hard disk. I would do some C++ on it and some Foxpro as well as some other stuff. I used it to mostly play games – Doom, Duke Nukem & stuff. I would later get a 2 GB HDD & then a 20GB hard drive. I would play NHL 99 & a couple of the FIFA games on it too and play tournaments against the computer and myself. My first computer died out on me in 2003, messed up beyond salvaging and I didn’t have a pc for 3 more years.

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