My Wallet Feels Lighter But Better

B-YYFnXIEAAE4E1.jpg large

That pile of paper bills and other junk including some business cards of people I haven’t spoken to, or needed to speak to in a long time, and some old, Debit cards of long deactivated bank accounts (salaried accounts from former jobs) is what was in my wallet. No wonder the poor thing was so stuffed and bent outta shape.

The wallet was one of my birthday presents from back in 2010 gifted to me along with a large portrait by the members of my team back in the office that I worked in at the time. I only started using in sometime in 2011 though, since I already had a good wallet that I had just bought a few months prior to getting the gift. And this wallet, which is really good and by far my favourite wallet that I have ever owned, has been bent outta shape as the extra papers cause it puff out and look way fatter than it should be (I am not rich).

So I dumped out all the bills, receipts and stuff that I didn’t need anymore, cut up the old debit cards and threw out the business cards which I do not need. And now the wallet looks and feels so much better.

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