Nahsor Lapog Nanhsirk

Today was an ok day work wise. I was in meetings for a long time but I still felt it was productive; it’s for a review on Monday. Our work is going on well except for a run in with the biggest asshole manufactured out of West Bengal. That fucker is a Waste Bengali not West Bengali.

I bought some peanuts on my way home from the bus stop and while munching on them, something popped into my head that I was watching recently (although it has absolutely no connection): In Friends, the tv guide comes to Joey & Chandler’s apartment as they have a subscription. However, in perfect Chandler manner, it is subscribed under the name “Ms. Chanandler Bong”!

This reminded me of when I was abouut 11-14 years of age. My cousin Manoj the list dvd used to send me letters under the name “Jonam Rian” which is his name Manoj Nair backwards. So I replied back to him under the name “Nahsor Lapog Nanhsirk”. I think I mainly used “Nahsor Lapog”.

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Silly things we did as kids.

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