Name 5 Things You Do Every Day Without Fail

Name the 5 things you do every day without fail?

  1. Look at my parents and be glad that they are still around at the ages of 83 & 73.
  2. Wish for better health so I can still enjoy life and not have to worry about my sinus & asthma, my myositis and my vertigo. Also wish for the better health and long life of my parents, my sister and her family and all my relatives and friends.
  3. Eat an apple a day, drink 2 cups of coffee. Coffee is to make me awake and aware and I really do need it. Apple is for my health.
  4. Wish for a better life many, many times in a day and dream of waking up one day and finding that what I thought was my real life is actually a dream / nightmare and my wish for a life is my actual life.
  5. Day dream of traveling the galaxy in a large spaceship with all my relatives & loved ones in a large spaceship that is part luxury mansion or a 5 star resort/hotel, having numerous adventures and a lot of fun.

Prompt from 31 Best August Journal Prompts for 2022 at Lifegram

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