Name Change Is A Good Thing

In Palarivattom there is a restaurant on the opposite side of the road of the small hotel that my 3 colleagues and I used to frequent when I worked for a small marketing firm. This was back in early 2002. It was called Hotel Paragon and it had a huge neon light sign that had each letter separate. A couple of years ago, while the owners were having some repair work done on the roof of the building, a big pipe swung in the wrong direction and broke the ‘P’ in the word ‘Paragon’!

The damage was so severe that the whole light in the shape of the letter ‘P’ was broken off from the wall, except for a small piece. After they had the portion cleared off, the owners thought that they would wait for a bit before getting the sign repaired. As the days went by, people started referring to the hotel as Hotel Aragon and soon the name stuck. Soon the owners decided to just stick with the name Aragon and that’s the way it has stayed for 4 years! If you notice the sign, there’s a bigger than normal signed between Hotel & Aragon!

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