National Lampoon’s Pucked

National Lampoon has a funny series of movies. Animal House, the Vacation series, Senior Trip, Van Wilder come to mind. Pucked is not one of them. There are very few laughs, the acting seems forced and the casting could have been a whole lot better.

Frank (Jon Bon Jovi) aged 42 when this movie came out, still looks good enough to play a mid-30s’ former lawyer, who quit being an attorney to pursue his dreams of making it rich. Problem is he is a long-term loser & big time dreamer who is now getting by with the help of his sister, who is also a lawyer. He lives in her garage and gets handouts from her. His ideas for new ventures get laughed at during the proposal stage. He has one good friend who accompanies him on various dreams, albeit reluctantly.

While buying a gift for his mother, Frank fills out a form and puts a high income just for fun – but the form is for a credit card company and he gets a pre-approved credit card in the mail. Using this, he gets even more credit cards, taking money out from one to pay of the minimum amount for another and thinks he’s hit the jackpot! He finances his latest dream – an all women hockey league! Initially he leases a small rink with try outs for two teams.

Frank and his buddy Carl setup two teams of local women hockey players (a whole lot of them in North Carolina, yeah right!!) and start preparations for the debut of the league. Along the way Frank tries to woo back his ex-girlfriend, Jessica (Estelle Warren) by showing her that he is finally achieving something. Initially both Jessica & Frank’s sister are impressed and the first game is played with some pomp and splendour. However, Frank has also put himself in debt to the tune of more than $300,000. Naturally, he winds up in court when his plan backfires.

Frank is able to use his lawyer skills to convince the court that it’s really the credit card companies who put him in that situation as he was pre-approved without even knowing that he had applied for one. Alls well that ends well in a dumb movie about – well nothing really. 2 outta 10, with just a couple of funny moments.

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