Nectar For The 30 Plus Man

When am I a zombie: I am a zombie during the time that lapses between waking up and sipping my first coffee. I cannot function in the  morning without having my precious coffee intake the first thing in the morning. The waking up, heading to the bathroom, washing my face and brushing my teeth are just a prelude to the day’s first real activity which is drinking coffee. The day can be as shitty as possible but without coffee you will not be able to know.

Today I woke up at 6am and was working on automatic pilot until the first sip. After the alarm rings, I hit the snooze button for 5 minutes more as my eyes just refuse to open if I threaten to pry them open with a crowbar. 5 minutes later, the shrill alarm rings again, rudely reminding me that I do have to wake up earlier than usual. So ok, I am u but my brain is on standby. I get to the loo, I wash, I brush, I pee. There essentials done I now need my coffee. The smell of coffee being made is hitting my nose & the senses are beginning to get awakened. The saviour is in town, I need coffee. I lurch towards the kitchen, boiling water & milk is being poured into a cup that contains the instant magic and sugar. I stir the spoon in the big black cup that I have and voila! Nectar for the 30 plus man.

I bring the cup to my room, switch on the laptop, put on some music appropriate for this time of the morning and sit down for the first sip. Ahhh, I am awake now. Time to plan out the day. And more coffee!

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