On Negative Comments

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“How do you respond to negative comments–either on your blog or in real life?”

I have a policy on editing negative comments on my blog – when people have a point, no matter if I like it or not, I’ll keep it. I might not agree with a particular person’s point of view but if they have worded it well, I’ll approve it and answer back to it as much as I can. If they disagree with me but can properly say why, I’ll save it and respond to them. However if your sole reason for commenting is to try and embarrass me or spout bad words and vitriol just because something I wrote cause your knickers to get twist, forget it! I am particular about what I allow to be published on my website/blog – hey, I pay for it!

I have a little liberal way of looking at comments when it comes to Facebook & Twitter. I’ve had back & forth arguments especially on Facebook and usually it is regarding religion. The religious person usually forgets that I am attacking or criticizing a disgusting and or ridiculous point in that religion and the audacious claim that is usually harmful. But the religious douche usually takes it personally and launches a personal attack which fails to even address the topic at hand which makes their belief in their religion look even more ridiculous to me. I still respond and leave the comments unless there is abusive language – and by that I mean actual swear words – involved. I don’t mind otherwise.

I’ve had this less in Twitter. Twitter chats usually tend to be much nicer and I’ve never really faced much issues on it. I think that’s because of the way Twitter is used by most people and by me. Hence the debates & arguments are less.

4 thoughts on “On Negative Comments

  1. Had been there, initiating a sensible debate and ending up with a group of raged people. Moreover the comment finally that you should be sensitive to how others feel. These days stay away from most of these as m fed up being the bad one

  2. It’s a matter of opinion as to who is the bad one. So I don’t think you should quit the discussion just because you might get a reaction from someone who doesn’t agree with you.

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