Never Again

Have you ever gone to a new place or tried a new experience and thought to yourself, “I’m never doing that again!” Tell us about it.

I dunno, there are a few places that I will never ever want to go to again. Like religious places of worship; I don’t want to waste the only life I have in that stuff. Especially Guruvayoor – the last time I went there was back in 2004 I think and it was for my cousin’s wedding which was at the temple and the lunch part at a hall nearby. The smell of elephant urine was so strong that I felt faint and had breathing issues and I just gave up and moved away, missing the actual exchange of rings and the garlanding. Never again!

I also will no longer trust anyone completely. I have just had too many problems and even recent reminders of trusting someone too much or believing that some people are friendly and will not hurt you. I think it has to do with other people also being older and cynical and untrusting, which makes them untrustworthy. It’s a combination of things I guess but never again. The people who have earned my trust have really earned it and I’m not going to give away trust like it is a free snack.

Also something I would advise – do not drink more than one kind of liquor in one sitting. I mean drinking beer and then going onto hard stuff is fine, or even vice versa (though I feel that beer should be first) but don’t drink brandy and then rum or something else on the same sitting. I did that once – emphasis on once – and never again. Many years ago I had 4 rum and cokes and then switched to 2 brandy + cokes and late in the night I woke up from my sleep to puke all over the floor. Didn’t even make it to the loo. That was not a pretty sight.

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One thought on “Never Again”

  1. I find it complicated to trust people or to find the right people to trust. Some of it stems from my past experiences with people, my own insecurities and perhaps people being from a different background/perceptions. Everyone wears or seems to wear masks at times…
    >> “I think it has to do with other people also being older and cynical and untrusting, which makes them untrustworthy.”
    There is truth in what you have written.. but also shades of grey.. Does it mean that as we get older we start wearing masks and become cold & ruthless ? If so are we doomed to always encounter the same sort and keep our guard up. Yeah if in problems/doubt tend to go ‘low key’ to limit the potential inflictable damage…

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