Never, Ever Do This

Hmmmm I’m usually a believer of the thought process that we must all experience life by making our own mistakes….. but if I would advice other not to do something which I have done, it would be:

Never trust anyone too much. Family, friends, workplace – whoever it may be! And make sure that the trust that they get from you is hard earned. I’ve trusted easily and paid the penalties for it. At one point of time I used to believe everyone and thought only good of most people. Ofcourse there were the ones I hated & though ill off but they were few and far between. Until my late 20s I thought this way and it got me mostly grief.

So my advice to you dear readers. Take it or leave it!

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One thought on “Never, Ever Do This

  1. I agree with you, unfortunately. I have had my trust betrayed by so many people I didn’t expect, so now I mostly keep things to myself or sort things out myself. It is much less messy that way!

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