Nevermind The Camels

An American soldier receives his first international posting and heads out for Iraq. He reaches the unit camp and reports for duty. After a week he goes to his sernior officer and asks ‘What do u do for fun around here? There are no women anywhere around!”

His superior says “Well every two weeks the camels come by. And the next visit is 5 days from now”.

The soldier is disgusted and leaves as soon as he can. However in 5 days he is desperate for some action and is horny as hell. Finally the day the day the camels are to come by is here and he can see the camels coming from a distance. Losing all control he runs to the first camel, unzips, goes behind the camel and starts to hump it.

His senior officers runs over ‘No, No you idiot! The camels are here so we can ride to the next village where the young women are waiting for us!”

3 thoughts on “Nevermind The Camels

  1. Hey Roshan … a long time rt ? Been a couple of years since we last visited each others blog, I guess !!

    How has life been ?
    Will visit more freq from now on !

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