New BlackBerry Phone & OS?

There’s rumours that a brand new Blackberry device called the “T” would be launching next month. Supposedly the “T” will be a new flagship device designed to combat the iPhone and it will launch in the US and Europe. The image on the right (click to view the full size) is supposed to be two screen shots of the new BlackBerry 6.0 OS, which has been leaked online.

Screen resolution is in line with a Storm or Storm2 style touchscreen device, and the buttons certainly look to be sized for finger input.  That would also fit in with the BlackBerry slider – codenamed “T” or “Talladega” – which is expected to have a large touchscreen along with its pull-out QWERTY ‘board.

RIM also look to be playing with the idea of using homescreen widgets, which would be a significant departure for the company.  The BlackBerry faithful are already poring over the two images to see if they a) look real, and b) look suitably enticing, though comments already heard include the fact that the whole thing looks “too busy” for their liking.

5 thoughts on “New BlackBerry Phone & OS?

  1. U ladies can keep the iPhone. Honestly I wasn’t impressed with it when I used it for a while.

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