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Hello my handful of readers, I have some news for ya! Last Saturday I decided to hell with it and start writing the sci-fi novel in blog style that I always wanted to do. I have had a couple of attempts at doing something similar but I keep deleting it. I kept dreaming about the concept of human life waay out there in the future and the kind of things that would happen in that future. I would make up these episodes & adventures – while in the loo and just before I fall asleep every night. I’d be still awake but these ideas just keep coming to me (hey, my main blog isn’t called Awake & Dreaming for nothing, you know) and I’d forget bits of the plot after a few days, so I thought I better start putting it on my computer.

And just in case there are other people who would be interested in reading it, I thought why not put it in a blog. So I created one in and wrote out the first part of the intro to the futuristic world. It’s called The Forcefield and that’s because of the forcefield (more like an self-adjusting armour) that humans have developed that make them almost indestructible to any hostile alien attack. Think of it as Star Wars meets Star Trek meets Battlestar Galactica meets Farscape!

Creating stuff in my mind is one thing (and it’s easy) but putting it in words is another whole new ball game! But I am going to try and you are welcome to join the journey. Blogging there might be a lot slower than it is here but keep checking every week at The Forcefield for any updates.

And……may the Forcefield be with you!!!!! Live long & blog!

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