New BSG Movie Based On Original

Ok, this is interesting and exciting but I must confess that it might become a bit confusing to the casual observer and only the sci-fi crazy (I include myself among them) will actually get it. Director Bryan Singer is going to take on directing and producing duties for a BSG movie.

“Glen Larson, who created original series back in 1978, will produce as well. The film is not expected to be a continuation of current popular television show that just completed it’s 4 year run on the Syfy network but will be a complete re-imagining of the sci-fi lore that was invented by Larson back in the ’70s.”

Now here’s the confusing part – BSG the original and BSG the reimagined is quite different. I prefer the original premise but the latter has been more successful & popular and it’s more recent as well. So that is what’s gonna be fresh in most people’s memories. So the new movie will be with Cylons that actually look like cylons and not people, no high handed ‘God works in mysterious ways plan’, no ghosts and goblins & hopefully Starbuck will be the womanizing, fun loving dude we all came to admire in the original.

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