New Show : Arctic Air

Time to plug a new show that I just started watching like I watched both the 1st & 2nd episodes this afternoon, downloaded ofcourse. How new is the show? Well they are 2 episodes old, first season.

Arctic Air is a drama with elements of comedy in it about a company of pilots who fly small bush planes and huge WWII propplanes on daily missions in the Canadian Territories. Hence the Arctic Air name, which is also the name of their company in the show. Focusing on adventure, community & some romance as well as family and the stories of the people that live there, all based in the Northern city of Yellowknife. Bobby, the prodigal son returns to Yellowknife for his niece’s wedding and also to complete a huge business deal – the deal goes sour when Bobby refuses to sell out his friend and he punches the rich & powerful businessman who gets angry that the deal did not go through. Bobby earns an enemy who will do anything to make Bobby’s life miserable. Bobby is also part owner of Arctic Air and the businessman uses his innfluences to make the airline’s long term clients to pull out from their contracts. Arctic Air now has  financial trouble.

Arctic Air is run by Melvin Ivarson & his daughter Krista also works for them, piloting planes along with the rest of the employees. Bobby decides that he has to get a huge contract from a millionaire businessman to help out and despite some bumbling, he is successful. He decides to stay back and remain with the company and help Mel run it.

The tv series stars Adam Beach, Pascale Hutton, Kevin McNulty, Carmen Moore, Stephen Lobo, Tim Webber, John Reardon, Emilie Ullerup among others in this large cast. Michael Hogan, Lexa Doig & Steve Basic have guest star roles and Brian Markinson plays the antagonist.

2 thoughts on “New Show : Arctic Air

  1. Man, now you’re ahead of me in the Canadian TV watching department! I’ve seen the ads for this, but haven’t yet been motivated enough to find and record it *g* Now I’ll have to get on it!

  2. I wish more Canadians would wake up and support more Canadian shows (I’m not saying you don’t, cause I don’t know all the shows u like/watch)- most of them are better than the best that the US has to offer. My fav comedy of all time is Corner Gas. I love Republic Of Doyle, Sanctuary, Being Erica & Lost Girl.

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