New Star Trek TV Series Update

Update : The Hollywood trades have a little more news about the new STAR TREK show that’s slated for CBS All Access in January 2017, all of which comes from CBS president Les Moonves’s presentation to reporters about the network’s third quarter earnings. Like STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, which pioneered first-run syndication, the new show is designed to make the most of a new business model. The idea is that the show will be available online first as part of CBS All Access and, in America at least, people will have to sign up and pay $5.99 a month to see it.

CBS clearly hope that STAR TREK will bring audiences to their streaming service in large numbers, meaning the success of an entire business is riding on them producing a successful show. All the existing STAR TREK shows are already available on the platform and pull in significant audiences. “We’re looking to do original content on All Access,” Moonves said, “and build up that platform… knowing the loyalty of STAR TREK fans, this will boost it.” Moonves described STAR TREK as CBS’s “family jewels” and said that the new series would be a “world-class effort that will make all STAR TREK fans proud”, acknowledging that they are the most passionate fans in the world. STAR TREK’s international popularity is also an important part of the equation for CBS, who said that “Right away, we’re more than halfway home on the cost of the show from international alone.”

The other thing that few people have commented on from yesterday’s press release is the name Heather Kadin, who is another executive producer and writer, who has been named alongside Alex Kurtzman. It’s not been confirmed, but it seems likely that she will be the actual day-to-day showrunner. Her credits include Sleepy Hollow, Scorpion and Limitless.

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