New Work Schedule For 2 Weeks Or So

Well I have changed my work shift yet again. But I do like this change as I get to relax a lot more. So I am conducting training for a set of folks who were taken on contract last year and were let go after the contract got over but are now rehired as we have new business from the clients. So despite they only stopped working for us less than 2 months ago, they are being taken through a training for the job that they were doing. My current shift for the next two weeks is 12:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

Which means I do not have to wake up super early and I also do not go to bed super late. Well, that last part depends on how tired & sleepy I get. So I wake up around 9 am and after coffee & a quick breakfast I go online until 11:45 am when I go to take a shower and then get ready for my shift. The batch of 20 folks come in by 12:30 pm and login to my WebEx bridge and we start. I give them a 45 minute lunch break at 2 pm and I too go and have my lunch at that time. Usually by 6 pm I give them another break for coffee/tea and snacks.

By 9 pm I run down the things I want them to recall for the day and whats coming up for the next day and make them fill out a daily survey and then send them on their way by 9:20 pm. I then go and have my dinner and relax till 11:30 pm. By then I have taken my medicines, gotten my water which I place next to my bed, locked my bedroom door and then I get naked between the sheets and lie back to watch episodes of the shows that I am currently watching. By 2:30 am I am fast asleep and off to dreamland.

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