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I still love reading newspapers the old fashioned way. I know, I know – let me live in the Jurassic Age a few more years will ya? I just love the feel of newspapers in my hand as I read it. My tendency is to read the papers after I have my first cup of morning coffee. Yes my friends, that means that I read my newspaper while I sit on my throne and PUSH! That’s a good way of keep your news fresh and hot! And I even read the weekend supplement papers even though most of it is crap. But I still consider the newspaper to be an essential method of getting the news. I like them and I plan to keep reading them.

Ofcourse I do get a lot of my news from the internet. I do not read any particular news websites but I get them from here and there. I really like Facebook & Twitter for articles of great interest to me as a lot of people in my list will post links to articles and news clips a lot. So that is a great bonus of using social networks. Also news clip video links to Youtube and such and this also leads to a lot of discussion online which broadens your perspective of the news in point.

And ofcourse word of mouth or sms. Sms is a great tool for sharing breaking news and alerts. It’s instant and it’s usually reliable.

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  1. I still like newspapers too although I don’t read them as much as I used to. There is something nice about the smell and feel of the paper. Feels like a special event these days to read one!

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