No Blogging Schedule As Such

What does your blogging schedule look like?

I don’t have a schedule when it comes to blogging. Usually I set aside 30 minutes to an hour for writing blog posts. I usually like doing that and selecting a prompt at times when I don’t have anything ready made to post around 11am to 12pm. This time is usually right after I have had my first cup of coffee and gone through various sports and other related news and am checking videos on Youtube.

By this time normally I am in the mood to write although on weekends it can usually be in the evening hours. I prefer to write two posts a day, no matter how small and sometimes it’s videos that I share, some of which I shot and photos that I have taken or just sharing some videos and images I find on the net. But writing wise, I really try and make myself post something atleast once a day.

Again, coffee helps. Music in the background or a podcast also helps as I can listen to it and still concentrate on writing.

Prompt from 31 DAYS OF JULY WRITING PROMPTS at The SitsGirls

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