No Excess

“Perhaps too much of everything is as bad as too little.” – Edna Ferber. Do you agree with this statement on excess?

I am not too sure of that. Too much of peace, love, happiness and prosperity is as bad as too little? Hmmm I don’t buy it. I could use more happiness and joy in my life and I would like everyone to be able to get a lot more of it to. I know Queen sang “Too much love will kill you / Just as sure as none at all” but really?

I guess an overdose of anything can cause you to take things for granted and not appreciate it as much. Or it can dilute the things that matter the most for you. And you can forget just what it is you actually sacrificed to get the things that you wanted. I dunno but I feel that if everyone had as much as they wanted, wouldn’t the world be a better place? I mean, if all that you want is achieved in terms of food, luxury, clothing and other stuff, can we not dig down deep and work towards a better future because money and gaining things we want is not really a priority anymore?

Maybe I’m just a dreamer and I dream my life away but this doesn’t seem too bad to me.

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