No Internet But Great Food

Well hello there! It’s been a couple of days and I miss blogging. Well, my internet cable got cut on Saturday morning when this stupid asshole bulldozer driver wasn’t careful enough. My rich neighbours of who have a huge house opposite my building, also have a business in the building to our left and a vacant lot with some trees and a workshop on the right. The bulldozer doing some work on the vacant lot ripped out the cable connected to a post on it’s way out to dump some of the excess dirt & stone it had dug up (for who the fuck knows what). That asshole denied me my internet! Now I raised a complaint to have it repaired but Saturday being a local holiday in Kerala due to Vishu, they could only fix it by noon today. So two days without internet – great!

I had season 3 of Bones to keep me company and I also started season 4 of it as well. That was still fun. But having stayed in bed for the past few days due to a very bad cold, sore throat and cough, I was itching to go out on Sunday. I called my cousin Sujith to see if he was game to go out and he was. We met for a late breakfast at Coffee Cube on Convent Junction and enjoyed a 90 minute session over there. I had a sandwich and delicious hot mocha latte. He has the same sandwich and a cold nut butterscotch frappe. After that we went to Marine Drive for a long walk and some window shopping at both GCDA complex & Bay Pride mall. We went to walk on the walkway behind the malls which is right by the water but it was a boiling hot day and with me just recovering from the cold, cough etc the heat soon got to me. I got dehydrated and needed some water. We went into the Food Court in Bay Pride and I bought a couple of Tube waters – fresh sparkling water packaged in these tube shaped plastic bottles. We sat at a table and drank the water and chatted for over an hour or so as I recovered.

Feeling refreshed and with my strength back we took and auto to Ravipuram and went to Golden Dragon, an authentic Chinese restaurant. I have boasted a bit about this hotel which I have visited a few times, once in their Kakkanad outlet. We went in and sat at a table and ordered hakka noodles, dragon prawns, dragon chicken and chilli pork. The food was great with the exception of the pork. We also had beer – I know; I couldn’t resist – and sat there until almost closing time (the hotel closes at 4pm and reopens at 7pm for the evening crowd). Then we walked a bit and went out separate ways home. A nice day out.

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