No Longer a Mere Mortal

You’ve imbibed a special potion that makes you immortal. Now that you’ve got forever, what changes will you make in your life? How will you live life differently, knowing you’ll always be around to be accountable for your actions?

Once I become an immortal, which I have always wanted, I would have to map out a plan to move locations every 5-8 years so that people who meet & know me personally do not get suspicious about the fact that I do not age at all. I may have to be careful about how close I get to people and how much about me that I should let on. Relationships won’t last more than a few years in each city. But I will have to find ways to leave and not cause too much of a concern each time I move.

Learning new trades will help as will saving a lot of money. Cause you know, you don’t want to be doing the same kind of job forever! And this case, it is literally forever. So new trades, new jobs in every 20-30 years will also help to make things interesting. The opportunity to really grow as you experience life is there for the taking. Thus I will also live to see so many places and experience life in those places.

I’d also have to learn or find really good forgers so I can change my identity a lot so as to not be trackable. Imagine if governments found out that I was immortal; what a ruckus that would create! Hmmm, if people do find out that I am immortal, will they start worshiping me as a god?I could start my own religion! Bow down to the holy Rosh! Nah – too cheesy!

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