No Longer Small Or A Wonder

Hoo boy! In a few moments of reminiscing about old tv shows that I would want to watch again and own a copy of on dvd, I did a search for some of the shows on Wikipedia and then googled the actress Tiffany Brissette, who played the character V.I.C.I (or Vicky as she is called) a robot created to look like a little girl in Small Wonder. Remember I haven’t seen her since the show’s last episode and she must have been around 15-16 at the time.

This is what she looks like now (I think 2009-10 era photo) and she is a nurse in Colorado! She quit the showbiz industry a long time ago; infact her last acting performance was in 1991! There was a 2009 reunion on a tv talk show with Brissette and a couple of the other cast members. How times have changed!

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