No Throne For This King

Remember me hunting for a place to stay in? Remember the many places I visited and was disappointed? Ok, now read this post about a place in Chalakudy.

Remember that one? Well now the same guy called me up on Thursday night and said that his land-owners have a vacancy and that they were giving me first choice on it. I was happy and I spoke to the owner and arranged for me to go see the place on Saturday evening (last evening). I ended up waking very late from my sleep in the afternoon and could only leave my house by 6:15 pm and got a bus very late. Hence I reached the Chalakudy KRSTC bus stand only by 8:20pm. There was a power outage in the area due to a transformer blowing a major fuse and the area was plunged into darkness. I took an auto and went to the Bharatan temple which was nearby.

I found the house and although the house owner wasn’t at home as he was away at a function, I met his wife. She showed me the place – it’s a portion of a old house, which they have partioned off to make it like two sections of 1bedroom with bathroom attached, 1 living room and patio/sit-out area and a little kitchen area. There is a seperate entrance with a gate that leads right to the patio and living room. It’s an old house, quite old and you can see how old it by looking at the roof and the old style switches and rooms & cupboards but what they have done is got new tiles put in throughout the house, parts of the walls in the bathroom and the kitchen so it does look a lot more cozy and you get a newer feeling.

It’s small and quaint and I liked it for the rent that they were asking. The negatives is that it seems that the area gets very dark and if there is a power outage, it’s gonna be very difficult to see 5 feet in front of you (bear in mind that I work nights and am looking at leaving the house after 8:30pm to go work for my 10pm shift). And although it was quite dark and late, I couldn’t see much shops for me to buy groceries near by. That could be difficult but I would have to see the place more during the day or evening hours to judge that. But it can be rectified as there are shops near the bus stand where I will have to get down and I can always buy from there and then bring the supplies to the house. Also there is no furniture, so I will have to buy a cot and a mattress the first thing if I move there and also get a chair and a table.

But the biggest downer is the one that I causing me doubts. And it’s a big one – the bathroom doesn’t have a toilet! No throne for me to sit on while I drone! It’s a hole in the ground in an otherwise nice & clean bathroom. That is a problem for me as I am not used to doing my business Indian style. I’ve only had to suffer this way for a year in Bangalore while I stayed in a hostel and for 8 months while I was staying in a lodge in Calicut – the last time was 2003 Feb. I do not like this style and hence am sitting on the fence! No not to shit, I mean I’m sitting on the fence figuratively. I can ask the owners if they wouldn’t mind installing a toilet commode and I’m even willing to pay for the charges myself if needed.

Guess it will come down to that eventually. One can always hope.

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