Nonic English Pint Glasses – Set of 2

On March 7th I placed an order on for a set of 2 Nonic English Pint glasses (583 ml capacity) from British manufactures Ravenhead. I was quite looking forward to these authentic English pint beer glasses. Now I opted for the cash on delivery option and waited for a week. With no information coming after that, I called their customer care up. Initially their delivery dates are within 5-7 days of making the order but this one now shows 48-55 days instead!

Apparently, instead of only showing things that they have for sale, for items like this, they take in the orders and place bulk request from Ravenhead and wait for it to be shipped to India. Once it reaches their godown in Bangalore, the online retailer then proceeds to sort the various packages out and send it to the customers. This took 61 days for me. Terrible!

Anyway finally today I got a package. But wait, this is the photo of my package. I actually got a much bigger package from the courier guys at 4pm. I signed and paid for it and then went to my room to open it up – wrong package! In the cartoon I found a white alarm clock, a nylon masher & a large curry dish. What the fuck! I called Zansaar to have them check.

A few minutes the courier delivery guy called me on my cell – it was a mix up on his end. The big package had no stickers on it, although mine did, and he mixed it up with mine. The big package was for a lady named Reshma Menon in Kaloor and you can see how  he mistook Roshan Menon for Reshma Menon! Anyways, no harm done, he came back to my place and gave me my box and took the other one away.

So then I opened my box and unpacked my little purchase. Here is the 2 piece set in a little paper holder. Nice aren’t they? These are the ones I see quite a lot on beer videos and beer reviews on Youtube and love the way they look. Now if I only had some really good craft beer to drink – Irish red, stouts or porters – but I guess a Pepsi will have to do for now. Will get some beer later in the week. Cheers!

Here are the two videos I shot of the unboxing

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