Normal: Awesome Criminal Minds Episode

I just watched an awesome episode of Criminal Minds. It will stun you as the story of a normal man, who lives with his wife & 3 daughters, changes abruptly when his youngest daughter is killed when a car hits her. The man, Norman, was changing the tires at the time and couldn’t save his little girl. This traumatizes him and causes him to go off the bend. ???????? ???????

Norman flips when a woman, who has cut him off, also insults him and he snaps. He shots at her and causes her to crash her car and paralyze her. He also kills two men, who inquire about him, after imagining that they are mocking him. He then kills his wife & 2 remaining daughters and flees in his SUV, all the while imagining that he is driving his car with them in it.

The guest stars for this episode is memorable – Normal is played by Mitch Pillegi (X-Files, Stargate: Atlantis), his wife is played by Faith Ford (Maggie Winters, Hope & Faith) and Elanie Hendrix (Joan of Arcadia) plays the woman who cuts him off. Gina Torress (Firefly) plays the LA detective in charge of this case.

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