Nostalgic For Music Stores

I haven’t seen a music store in a very, very long time. And when I mean music store, for me, it’s mainly music cds, cassettes and a related items. Like the last two major stores that had a few outlets in my city – Music World & Planet M – had large stores with mainly cassettes and cds and then they also had some dvds and pc & X-box games. Maybe a rack that had popular magazines.

That is something I miss a lot. During the 90s and the 2000s I spent a lot of time in them and others like Paico, some independent stores in Marine Drive and others. I remember a time when every weekend I would shower, get ready and post breakfast I would take a bus to the main part of the city from my home in the suburbs. I would then spend the most part of the morning in one store, break for lunch at a cafe or small restaurant, and then go to the second store and the 3rd and if possible a 4th. Depending on my budget I would get maybe 3-4 music cassettes and perhaps a novel or 2.

As the late 1990s (1998 I think) came, I moved onto cds (I still remember the first two cds I ever bought – Sultans of Swing: The Very Best of Dire Straits & Vault: Very Best Of Def Leppard). I had a large collection of hard rock, heavy metal and some instrumental music that I loved to listen to. I still have that music – I ripped everything to mp3 format and then any new music I have purchased has been in mp3 format. But I do miss the music store experience. It was a big part of my life.

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