Not Mutant, Maybe Teenage, No Ninja Skills

I was coming home in a friend’s car at night & we stopped to drop a guy off at Kadavanthara. Coming back the same way that we drove, I saw a stray dog sniffing at a shiny rock, about the size of two palms kept together.

The dog was obviously looking for something to eat among the garbage & stuff. Then as we passed I knew what the shiny rock actually was. It was a turtle!!

Yes, a freeking turtle – in the heart of the city! In god damn Kadavanthara. How in the blazes did it come to Kadavanthara?!! I have no idea. We stopped the car & reversed back to take a good look at the thing. I got out and moved towards it. It was crawling upwards & trying to get away from the stray dog & us humans. I wanted to take it home with me; and if not for the fact that I live in an apartment & that my mom would freak & have a cow if she saw me bringing home a turtle, I would have.

Probably also not a good idea to keep a turtle in a tank; I think it should be free and live in a pond or the sea. But it was kinda cool to admire a turtle in the night as u don’t get to see one in the city.

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