Not The Riverdale You Knew

Here’s a fan made trailer for a re-look at Archie’s comics characters. Although they don’t have a full length movie out this trailer is awesome and completely reboots the characters that we all know & love. What are the changes?

  • Archie has sex with Betty, she gets pregnant and goes for an abortion
  • Jughead is gay!! And is in love with Archie and kisses him!
  • Reggie is a junkie and forces himself on Veronica when she admits that she is with him only to make Archie jealous
  • Moose is a pathetic, jealous guy who turns to performance enhancement drugs to play well
  • Dilton is a shy nerd and when Veronica makes fun of him, he gets a gun and decides to blast people away
  • And the school gets burned down!!

Whatever will they think of next!

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