Notes For 15-Feb

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  • My first official New Batch Induction after joining up in my current role was today. (I was doing the same thing earlier for a couple of months but its official now)
  • I have now inducted 114 new recruits into the company on 5 different occasions.
  • It was quite funny today when there were 4 smallish girls, who not only looked alike, but when they introduced themselves we found out, and were all also from the same town and had done the same engineering course!!!
  • It was a long day today and although I wanted to leave by 6, it took me till 7:15 pm to get outta there!
  • As I was typing this, I realized that I also had posted a notes for 15th Feb, last year!
  • Its become so hot most evenings that I sleep nude as I sweat so much and the sheets stick to my thighs.
  • And even in this heat the first thing I do when I come home is to make a cup of hot, black coffee!
  • Going to sleep is not an easy option on nights like today
  • I think I’ll watch a movie and relax before going to sleep.

2 thoughts on “Notes For 15-Feb

  1. Out of curiosity, are air conditioners popular in india? i can’t sleep if i’m warm, i just sweat and toss and turn all night… must sleep in a fridge, LOL!

  2. Lol, last night was terrible. I got up twice to splash my neck, face & limbs with water to cool off.

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