Notes For 15th June, 2009

  • Been eating a whole lot of fish, mackerel (aylla) to be more precise the last two days. Yesterday for lunch & dinner and this afternoon. Probably tonite for dinner as well.
  • I wasn’t able to go for the Cochin Bloggers meetup yesterday evening as I wasn’t feeling all that good. I took a sick leave today.
  • It’s been decided to go to Allepey for an office trip. This is for all the support staff at the office but as my team is not going, I don’t want to go either. My team (training), the Quality department & Ops TLs are to have a seperate workshop+party on another day. I’d rather be with my team.
  • I watched Russell Peters’ special Red, White & Brown on Youtube today. It’s hilarious.
  • I’m planning to watch either Twilight or Paul Blart : Mall Coptonight. Not sure which one to choose, so it’s depend on my mood at that time.
  • I’ve had some mixture mixed with half a ladoo, like the old times for an evening snack.
  • As I type this, I’ve had 2 cups of strong & sweet black coffee. I need them to keep me going.
  • I’ve just oiled & shampooed my hair in the shower. My hair, although thinning & with a balding spot, feels soft & luxuriant. I keep flicking it like one of those models in the shampoo ads!

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